Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association

What is OCFA?

OCFA was originally organized as the “Oklahoma Associate of Small Loan Companies” on July 21, 1941.  In 1952 the name was changed to the Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association (OCFA).

OCFA is a strong and vital part of the lending community in Oklahoma.  As an association we maintain a strong legislative board, whose function is to keep up with all proposed legislation and supporting laws that are beneficial to our industry and opposing those that are not.  We are extremely involved in the political process to ensure that the elected officials are aware of the significance of our industry.

OCFA Primary Goal

OCFA continues to be the premier leader in knowledge and education not only for our members and their employees, but for the public as well. We continue to provide support and promote consumer educational programs, to emphasize the proper use of credit and to create a better public awareness of our industry.

How will we achieve this goal?

We employ the very best legal counsel for the association to keep our members abreast of changing legal issues and will represent the association before regulatory bodies – both state and federal.

OCFA holds an annual conference each year with informative meetings, exhibits, recreational activities and ample time for visiting with fellow members and conference sponsors. We feel that communication among its members is beneficial to all of us.  OCFA is also an affiliate member of the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) as well as the National Installment Lender’s Association (NILA) which enables us to keep our members informed of laws, regulations and other matters occurring throughout the country with issues that are pertinent to our members.