Member Benefits

1. Representation at State Level
The Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association monitors legislative, regulatory and judicial actions affecting the industry and lobbies to assure that the industry’s “voice” is heard and considered. OCFA is a very strong “Grass Roots” program which helps provide access to key State leaders to discuss legislative and regulatory matters affecting the financial services industry.

2. Forum for Independents
The Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association provides a forum to bring independent operators together for the exchange of information. By working together, the OCFA will develop special programs and services for the Installment Lender.

3. Annual Conference
The Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association sponsors an annual convention and specialized conferences and seminars to serve members’ needs by focusing on the latest developments within the financial services industry and to address topics of concern to the Installment Lenders.

4. Publications
OCFA members receive legislative bulletins outlining legislative and regulatory events.

Newsletters and additional consumer and business oriented financial booklets, brochures and pamphlets are published and distributed to the membership as warranted.

5. Personnel Training Program
The Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association makes available through our affiliation with the National Association, personnel training video tapes developed specifically for the the Installment Lender.

This materials are personnel training video tapes in the areas of Making a Good Loan, Collections, Customer Service and An Orientation to the Consumer Finance Industry.

6. Public Relations
The Association’s public relations programs will focus on legislative issues, economic and industry trends, and personal finance topics having an impact on the consumer finance industry.

The program will aim to present an accurate and positive image of the industry and its positions.

7. Education Program
The National Association, AFSA distributes two excellent educational videos on credit-related topics to the public, community groups, junior and senior high schools, and to the military.

The first Video, “Inside Credit: Three Stories” presents three real-life stories of people in different credit situations and provides viewers with insights into how the credit process works.

The second video, “Going Broke in America” is a documentary on bankruptcy and its alternatives….. Featuring people with severe debt problems and the choices they made to deal with them.

Both videos are ideal for showing to consumer credit counseling services and community groups.

8. Independents Financial Exchange Group
An exchange group has been formed whereby independents share and discuss financial information on operating income and expenses, net income, return on assets and equity, and other operating statistics.

An annual survey is conducted to obtain the above information and results will be discussed during the Oklahoma Consumer Finance Association Annual Conference and shared with all exchange group members.