Code of Ethics

Obey the law: Each member by becoming such, thereby pledges itself to obey the laws of the State of Oklahoma regulating the extension of credit under the laws under which he, she or it is licensed, and to observe strictly the limitations thereby prescribed, and does further pledge itself to observe and comply with all lawful rules and regulations now in force or hereafter provided by the duly designated supervising officials of the State of Oklahoma and by this Association.

Encourage others to obey the law: Each member in this Association does further pledge itself to use every honorable means to induce all other person, firms, corporations and associations engaged in the business of making consumer loans or extensions of credit under the law to observe the regulations and methods fixed and prescribed under the law and to comply with the lawful instructions or regulations issued by the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit, or its successors or any other agency of the State of Oklahoma.

Cooperate with other members: Each member must cooperate with the other members of the Association in the dissemination of such information as may aid in administering the statutes and regulations and for the mutual welfare of each other.